Monday, December 15, 2008

The PS3 does NOT need a price cut.

We have all read it. We have read it everywhere. Or at least somewhere stating how the PS3 is behind. I am sure the Microsoft Staff at Kotaku throw a party every time they see one of those articles. Or when they write one which is often. And for proof these great soothsayers all offer up undeniable evidence in the form of the November 2008 NPD figures. For the US only. Are they correct in their assumption? In a word, no. Not in the least.

These sites are all predicating the doom of the PS3 on one sales territory and one month. It is ridiculous to hear yet quite likely these all too numerous calls of PS3 doom are the product of an intentional orchestrated design to damn the PS3. Quite frankly I think the Federal Trade Commission should investigate Microsoft as to their possible involvement. Really, who else has motive except the console manufacturer that is currently in last place in sales. What? Last place?

That's right, last place. Amazing how my blog, that is really for myself and a few people I know happens to be one of the only outlets willing to trip up all these Wall Street analysts with nothing more than the facts I can count on the fingers of one hand.

Yes the PS3 is in last place in sales in November. But once you look at the year over all and add in one other geographic sales area, Japan, suddenly the PS3 is in second place for yearly sales to date. Logic can be frustrating to those with a plan based on a house of lies. I am sure that if the truth were to escape, there are 360 fans that would be hurling themselves off the roof. I would not care for that but I would really like to see Eric Krangel and the staff of Kotaku take a header. The gaming community would be better for their absence.

With the combined sales of the US and Japan putting the PS3 in second place by just over 30,000 consoles, should the price be cut? Again, no. The main persons crowing for a price cut are the uninformered, the cheap, and those interested in Sony losing money. But what about Europe you say? Other than some spurts in the UK, the PS3 is soundly winning in Europe. The only place sweating that territory is Microsoft.

The real issue is that no major outlets seem to want to mention this. Just look at that Gamasutra article. One would think that a site dedicated to the game community at large would have a better more well rounded world view. No, instead it has the one view that allows Microsoft to continue to push it's facade onto the gullible public.

We can only act where we can and hope at least one major news organization will sooner or later decide to publish the complete facts on just why the PS3 is doing just fine.

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